My Story


Hello! My name is Costas Liakopoulos and you are on my website/blog:

The idea for this website came to my mind while I was struggling to raise my income that was actually…eliminated, when I got fired due to the consequences of the economic crisis in Greece. You see, I had a career in the technology sector in Greece and abroad. I own a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering and an Msc in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Wales, Cardiff.  I have been working for 10 years in major companies as a web engineer, telecoms consultant and quality assurance supervisor.

In 2009, when I lost my job due to the crisis, I was 32 and my wife was expecting our first child. Our income went from some thousand euros per month to zero! Our psychology and life in general was badly ruined and our dreams fell off. I had to act immediately!

I started with eCommerce activity by funding one of the first and still one of the best, e-shops in pet market, which I still own. At first it was hard, so I had to assist my efforts by creating websites for customers. It was then when I discovered Internet Marketing, which was at that time not very popular. Truth is that I did not trust it back then. The idea of making money online was bringing the word “scam” always in my mind.

Since then, technology advanced and a lot of things changed: smartphones, social media, affiliate commissions through big eCom stores, buy/sell products from various countries around the world made easy etc. So I started thinking again about making money online and I tried my first niche websites with adsense in 2013. Things started going well and one after the other I discovered all aspects of internet marketing and its related  money making methods.

I am now full into this business and I keep studying and experimenting with new ways and methods. My income was raised back to normal and eventually is growing more and more…

15940964_225661371176287_5338629278013792340_n(View from my office at home)

I made this website to demonstrate content to help out bloggers and entrepreneurs find their own way in making money online.  I will be sharing free content on blogging strategies.  I will be providing you with the best internet marketing tools and programs which will help your online business and I will be also giving away for FREE my own secrets and strategies on how I make money online. I just want to help people not live the same situation I have come across: poor income and misery or help others make more money than they make right now and be wealthy. I don’t promise you will be rich, however, you can! It is possible, If you follow the right path with determination.

My website covers various categories within the online marketing business.  Product reviews, personal experiences,  educational tutorial videos e.t.c. things that work today in the online marketing world.  Whatever worked for me will be shared with you.

If you decide you want to join forces with me, by subscribing to my website or purchasing products that I suggest through my links, then I will be providing you my services free of charge, and help you get started in this business.  I will be providing you with free consultation via Skype or Facebook.

Making Money from home, living the laptop lifestyle is a dream come true.  I can live anywhere in this world, as long as I have an internet connection and a laptop.  This was my personal dream and the bad days I lived back then made me take action and my dream came true! I was fed up working for someone else’s dream and when I lost my job, I was free to focus on how I was going to make this opportunity work for me.  I always believed in myself and I knew I had working experience, so I was sure I was going to bring back results no matter what.  It all starts with taking action. And it happened! I believe anyone in this world, should live their life, doing what they want to do. So, If you are in the same situation, TAKE ACTION NOW!

I’ve been in that situation, your situation, where I’ve been looking for that easy way making money.   I really have spend hundreds of dollars, buying into different programs and tools to find out which one works.

Listen, I want to be honest, I want to let you know that whatever you purchase from my website, through any of this website’s links, I will be getting a commission.  That’s how an affiliate marketer’s life is. It a win-win situation.  I help you, you follow my suggestions and you grow and earn as well.  That’s the relationship between the affiliate marketer and mentor.  You have to always follow someone who is experienced in this business and knows what to do, especially when he knows exactly where you are starting now.

When you sign up to my website  you will receive an email with your next steps to your own success.  You will get access to valuable training, tools and affiliate products that you may choose to get. All you have to do is to listen to my guidance on how you can start earning money by setting up your blog, social media presence, email methods, strategies e.t.c. You will get all strategies and secrets that are working today and tomorrow!

To your dream come true!

Costas L.