How to make money FAST: Finance expert reveals seven easy ways to earn extra cash

IF YOU’RE counting down the days until pay day, these tips can help you save money.

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SAVE MONEY: There are many ways of putting cash away

When trying to

save money

, many Brits will make sacrifices or choose to work a part-time job.

But earning cash doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact you can easily make money from the people around you.

Vicki Sansom, the money expert at

, has exclusively revealed her top seven tips to Daily Star Online.

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1. Showcase your culinary talent

Cooking for one person can be difficult, plus it can be expensive buying ingredients you might end up throwing in the trash.

Vicki suggests cooking for more people and inviting paying guests.

Supper clubs like




are becoming more popular as they help people find good food and earn money.


2. Make money from everyday journeys

Earning cash from the journeys you already do, it a great ways to boost your bank balance.

If you drive regularly or carpool to work, using services like


will help you cover up to 100% of your petrol costs.

3. Rent out your car

How often do you use your car? You might find yourself using your car once or twice if you commute to work by train.

Platforms like

easyCar Club

make it simple to rent out your vehicle to people looking for a short-term, affordable rental.

Owners make an average of £125 per month, with top earners taking home £500 per month for each car they list.



EARN CASH: You can make money from other people

4. Let someone use your home as an office

Most people leave their homes unoccupied for 8 to 10 hours every day while they’re at work.


lets you make money by renting out your living space as an office for people in need of a quiet place to work.

5. Turn your skills and hobbies into a side-job

You may have a valuable skill that people require.

Sites like


let you showcase your skills online and help you earn money for one-off tasks or ongoing projects.

You can even turn your hobbies into a side-job with sites like


, where you can sign up as a stylist and organise events to sell both well-known and growing beauty brands.

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6. Allow people to pay for your “free” time

Earn some cash by doing things that other people don’t really want to do.

Apps like


connect you with people who don’t fancy putting together their IKEA furniture.

Often, the tasks advertised are things you can do with minimal knowledge and are great ways of making money.

7. Use Freecycle to become an entrepreneur


is a website where people can offer old household items to the community for free.

That way people can give them a new home, while the old owner doesn’t have to go to the dump. Many local community Facebook pages have similar functions.

Picking up items off of these sites and selling them on an eBay store is a great way of making money for nothing.

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