Facebook contests dos and don’ts

Facebook contests is a very well known method to increase a Facebook page fans engagement and new fans acquisition. But even for this there are some rules that we have to obey!

Facebook contests  is a method that a lot of business use to obtain their goals. These goals include engagement raise, new fans acquisition, old fans re-approach, new product presentation, brand awareness initiative and loads of other.

Until August 2013, Facebook  have been allowing such contests to be implemented only via applications and not straight to Timeline. After that date, Facebook changed its policy and announced that this is allowed even in page Timelines, something that made small business happy as they were not obligated to create or pay for a single application in order to run a contest.

Show me the list!

There is indeed a list with Facebook contest rules that has to be followed carefully. And I am highlighting the word “carefully” because I notice in an everyday basis, pages that run contests that violate these rules. This doesn’t mean that these pages will not ever be penalized. There will be one day that Facebook will submit a penalty to these pages, with or without a warning. So, here we go:

1.In a Facebook contest you have to define the Terms and Conditions of participation.

2.You have to mention that Facebook does not support, sponsors or related by any means to the specific contest.

3.Facebook contest are allowed only in page timelines or via applications. Personal profiles cannot be used for Facebook contests. Sharing a contest, to validate your participation,  in your profile’s timeline or a friend’s timeline are not allowed as well!

4. Facebook will not help in administering a contest. When you implement a contest in its environment you agree that you do it according to Facebook’s policy.

the above are the 4 basic rules that determine the planning of a Facebook contest. These are the dos and don’ts. More analytically :


  • like/comment of a post
  • asking to upload something in your page (e.g. photo)
  • message in your page
  • like button plugin in your website
  • use of an application

Not allowed:

  • asking users to share the post
  • asking users to share the post in their profile or a friend’s profile
  • asking to tag themselves or friends
  • asking of all those have liked your page  to participate in the contest

It’s now your call to either  follow or not, the above rules for Facebook contests.